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Finally a warm night to sleep. Passed out at 8am and didnt wake up until 530am. I got up and Picker soon followed. We were excited to get to town and have a hotel! My good friends Linda and Ryan each booked a night for us at a hotel just outside of town. Its a HUGE treat! This will be my first zero day since May 30th. My body and soul needs the break! Thank you Linda and Ryan for your kindness. It came at the perfect time and we couldnt be happier!

We were hiking by 615am in the cool damp pine forest. Unlike yesterday the trail was much kinder with smaller gental ups and downs. I cruised quickly to make sure i got to the Post office by Noon. I had packages to pick up!

Did the first 3 miles to West Hartford in 45 mins. The blazes were missing for the road walk but my memory still somehow works and I remembered which way to turn. The power company had replaced the poles and took the blazes with them! The DOC needs to get out here and blaze this! I made an arrow out of logs for those behind.

I got an icecream and soda at 720am and hiked on. 10 more miles to town.

the pine forest were spectacular and made for soft walking on the needles. I hiked fast and by 1020am I was back on a road that leads into Hanover….which the trail passes through. There was a skunk lingering around the road so I took a wide turn to stay away from him. I smelled stanky enough and didnt need to be sprayed!

Hit the bridge which brought me over the river from Vermont into New Hampshire. I took a picture of the sign and took one with my shadow. Picker was way behind so I guess Id have to enjoy this state crossing on my own. Although from the look of the tourists driving by, i wasnt really alone.

I hiked into the maddness of Hanover and feeling happy and releif.

When I hit the post office the man gave me three packages. Three?, i thought to myself. I knew ^ was getting one from my parents and another from my FA Aunt Judi. The other one was from Bree LTC!

Brees package had home made brownies and a holloween card. I couldnt resist, i opened the brownies right in the middle of the post office and munched away. Before I knew it I had eatten half the package. “Save some for picker”, I thought. Thank you Bree for the yummy brownies! You rock!

The next package was from my Funky Ass Aunt Judi….BTW happy 50th bday!. Se had stuffed the box full of yummy candy and treats and a note. Thank you for all the goodies! You do have a joyful soul! Miss and lv ya!

The final package was from my parents. It contained my 20* bag and jacket. Time for better and warmer gear before the whites! Thank you mom and dad for sending it!

after mailing home my summer gear I headed to the B2n and Jerrys to wait for Picker. While I waited and updated my blog a nice man walked by and said “would you like soe chocolate?”. “Of course!” I said. We walked over to the Chocolate Shop, where he worked, and he gave me a peice. Soooooooo tasty! Thank you man!

…….its now Noon and Picker just got here….going to call a taxi and head for the hotel!……

Posted: July 3, 2010 at 6:56 am

  • Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…Kate!I figured that I could lure you to Maine with the thought of no snow and a cute little baby to hold…

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  • -->
    flyn b

    July 5th

    have a happy fourth===the temperature this week will range from 95 to over 100-its beastly and i think of your winter gear and laugh. ENJOY THE HOTEL

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    October 19th

    Re: See You Can’t Avoid Snow By Staying There…Kate!I figured that I could lure you to Maine with the thought of no snow and a cute little baby to hold…

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