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My tent was covered in dew and slugs when I awoke. It was another cold morning but the sun was slowly rising above the hills burning away the last of the morning fog. I wish the coals were still hot from the fire we had the night before so I could warm up. The cold kept me up most of the night.

Picker and I were on the trail by 8am. Our goal was to go as far as we could and get within 10 to 12 miles of Hanover. I had packages there and needed to be at the post office by Noon. PLUS….Linda and Ryan each booked a hotle room for us for Saturday and Sunday!!!! Picker and I have been doing the “happy dance” ever since! Neither of us have had a shower since Massachusttes. Yay for Linda and Ryan. Im sure this trail magic will be on my Top Ten list of Magic that I will post soon.

We hiked out into the cool sun and straight up hill. The hiking was slow and sweat was pouring down my chin and dripping on my shoes.

The day continued with more steep climbs and desents. Often the trail was so over grown that we would get lost and backtrack. The trail blazes were mising in areas too. I left lots of arrows made of sticks to help those behind. The DOC who maintains this section needs to get out here!

Most of the day I spent by myself. Pickers foot was hurting from some rubbing from his new shoes. I would hike for a couple hours and wait for him to catch up. Not too many people on the trail today – which was nice.

The White mountains can be seen from this ridgeline too. It was amazing to see the peaks rising out of the valley floor and touching the deep blue sky. We will be there next week.

Finally after 20 miles I found an OK campsite. Picker and I are so excited about the hotel stay in Hanover that we went to bed early so we could get up and going early so we can spend the max amount of time laying around and resting.

Time for sleep….

Posted: July 3, 2010 at 6:26 am


July 3rd

Glad you’re still having a good trip! I was on the trail until last week, came off at Harriman State Park to get ready to go to China. Good luck to you!

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