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Today was an easy day. I had 18 miles to do by 530. So no hurry.

Slept in until 830 and was out of camp by 9am.

Climbed up to Annapolis Rocks and back down into the valley. Spent most of the day hiking with Snowman on this sunny Thursday.

lots of people on the trail thru Maryland.

by 3pm we were at High Rocks and only 3 miles from Pennmar.

The trail got noticably rockyer as we neared Pennmar. It had been 7 yrs since I last hiked thru here and I wished they would have rerouted the trail. There were a lot of really rocky sections that made for slow going.

Finally around 415pm Snowman and me arrived at Pennmar.

I was planning on getting off (again) to visit with Andy, my college roomate and his family. He was coming to pick me up arround 530 so I had some time to lay in the sun and relax.

Snowman ordered a pizza and had it delivered. When it arrived he offered me a slice….thanks Snowman!

Near 515pm Andy drove up and parked. Avery, his 3yr old son, came running towards me yelling “Uncle Mark Uncle Mark….look at my new hat!” And it was a fine looking hat. I gave him a hi-five and a hug. Andy decided to wait for me to shower before giving me a hug. Hmmmmmm did I really smell that bad? Hahaha

We drove back to his house in Smithburg and met up with his wife, Mindy and their 6 week old newborn, Angila.

I showered and after putting on some clothes gave Andy and Mindy a big hug. I got a tour of their new house and before I knew it, dinner was ready.

Mindy had cooked up an amazingly yummy meal. Thank you for the awesome food!

I spent the rest of the evening playing with Avery and catching up with Andy. Mindy and Andy have done well and have raised a very cool son. Hopefully i can go on a hiking trip when i return with Andy and Avery.

by 1030 it was getting late and time for me to retire.

Thank you Andy Mindy Avery and Angila for the awesome stay!

Tomorrow i head into PA!

Posted: May 21, 2010 at 4:30 pm

  • Andy says:

    We loved having you, but next time you need to stay longer!!!

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  • -->
    flyn b

    May 21st

    sounds like a great day-weather nice in pa.-hope it stays this way for you-enjoying reading your trip—stay happy

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    May 22nd

    We loved having you, but next time you need to stay longer!!!

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