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Last night Strider and I decided to do a short 10 mile day and take a half mile side trail to the Terrapin Hostel. Showers and laundry and food and icecream and fresh fruit oh my!

This morning I said goodbye to Picker who was getting off for two days to visit with the family. Hope he catches up soon since I really enjoyed his company….and his music. Plus we hike the same pace and distance which makes the miles fly by.

If Im lucky maybe Ill see General Lee, Twigs, Snowman, Wild Man, and the rest of the gang that should be close behind….unless….did they all go to Trail Days in Damascus this past weekend?

Sugerbush, Deathmarch and Cole the dog also got off for a couple days to visit with friends. Might just be me and Strider till Harpers Ferry? Where is everyone???

Anyway….the 10 miles were so easy that I hardly noticed the 1000ft climb to the top of Compton Mnt. By 1030am I was standing at the side trail to the hostel. A quick half mile later and I was there and took a quick shower….errrrrrr long shower….I had a lot of scrubing to do to remove some of my filth. Moreover, its been almost 3 weeks since the last time I washed my clothes…..so I was very happy to get them somewhat cleaner.

The hostel is great and had a very relaxing afternoon. Just Strider and me for now…

Tomorrow Im going to leave early with 25 to 29 miles planned. this way I can get to the ATC Blackburn Center for the night on Monday. IVe hiked by it three times in years past and Ive always wanted to stay there. Heard its a great place. And…..if Im really lucky Karen aka Donkey Whisperer (AT 2002) will join me for a night and day of hiking into Harpers Ferry!

Should be in Harpers by Tuesday and back home in Gettysburg by Friday or Saturday. Whoah….where has the time gone?

mile 955

Posted: May 18, 2010 at 3:17 am

Jon Boller

May 18th

Hey Kalloz! Been a great journey so far. We live in Frederick. If you need anything/want anything or want a bed to sleep for a night let me know. It would be no problem to pick you up where the trail crosses I-70 near Frederick/Hagerstown. I know you’ll be stopping in Gburg soon after but the offers there if you want.

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