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Thank you to everyone who have made comments over the past several days.  Once I’m the trail it will be hard for me to respond, but for  now…

Bree LTC: Haha, won’t make the 38 miles to Neels Gap on the first day, but should be able to cruise through on day two or in the morning of day three …. depending on snow.  It’s over priced there, but I’ll grab some snacks for sure.  ….Yay for baked goodies! Check in tomorrow for a post on maildrop locations.

Turtle (AT 2003) – I’m so happy for you and your husband!  Congratulations on getting married and growing up!  Hiking with you and the rest of the TEAM during the first 700 miles of the AT in 2003 was amazing!  I hope your move to Boston goes smoothly and if the timing works, feel free to send some trail magic my way!  BTW, I love cookies!

Kelly McNerney – My best to you and the rest of the staff at the YMCA.  I’ll be thinking about you guys as I climb into the clouds.

Laura Shirley – I love John Muir!  One of my favorite authors and quite the adventurer.  If it wasn’t for him, Yosemite might never have existed!  Please feel free to share my posts and pictures in your classroom.

Gabe – Yep, I do look like two completely different people when I’m sporting 5lbs of facial hair.

Mike and Liza – Thanks for the dinner the other night!  You guys are awesome and great cooks!

Andy – I won’t be able to stop by and see you before I head to Georgia, but when I get closer to Harpers Ferry in May  – you, me and Scott have to get together.  Maybe we can get Keegan to fly back before the wedding???

Bailey the Dog I miss you too and should have dog-napped you.  [Sigh]

Alex – I believe you are winning the war over Murph for the most comments.  I’ll be making a post tomorrow about where, what, and how to send me mail drops.

Megan – I hate you too!  xoxo!

Lois Geist – Thanks for posting!  So glad you’ll be following along!

Julie – Yo Sis … I like it … “Flowsensation” would be a great trail name!

Dan: Too bad you’re not coming along … I should have pushed harder months ago … I blame Beth.

Murph – yes, that was indeed my third “Last wing nights ever”.  I’m just awesome like that.  Also, I’ll try not to delete you posts too often…haha

Posted: March 10, 2010 at 7:23 pm


  • Murph says:

    How is it that I’m the first person to comment on a post about how much Marc loves comments?

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  • -->

    March 11th

    @kallozAT Your adventure is inspiring me. Have a great hike!

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    March 11th

    How is it that I’m the first person to comment on a post about how much Marc loves comments?

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