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Had a great weekend in Athens Ohio visiting with Joe and Allison and the rest of their friends.  

The weekend started out simple enough … a few flurries, but nothing Murph’s the electric car can’t handle.  2.5 hrs later and we were forced off the road because the highway was shut down due to blizzard conditions.  Eventually, after a couple hours sitting in Bob Evens drinking coffee, we were back on the road driving thru some pretty nasty conditions.  Mike drove well and we finally arrived in Athens after over 10 hrs of driving.

Here are a few highlights:
1. Ice cold PBR at the Union
2. Mo (aka, little Bailey) getting some good pettin’ all weekend
3.  Joe’s creamy home made biscuits and gravy
4.  Tasty beer at the Brew House
5.  Learning that everyone has their own “Murph”
6.  Eatting cookies at the bar … thanks Luke! 
7.  A new tattoo
8.  Cops helping Mark Murphy with directions home on Saturday night
9.  Allison saving the day
10.  Pizza successfully delivered even though Mark was talking British 
11. Delicious breakfast and coffee at Casa 

Thanks Murph (Mike), Muprh (Mark), Murph (Joe) and Allison for an awesome weekend!

Two weeks from today I’ll be somewhere on the AT wondering around looking at stuff…..can’t wait!!!

Posted: February 28, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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Murph (joe)

March 2nd

Glad you could make it out! It was great to see you before you left. Allison and I will be keeping track of you along your way.

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